Andiamo, let’s go, chalo chalen..

I am moving to a new blog as I have almost run out of space in this one. Downside of a free blog and my greed to post SO many pictures! It’s been fun and I thank you all for joining me on the ride! I never wanted or expected to have followers, never mind so many! I hope you will continue the journey at India to Italy via Canada.

Grazie, Thank you, Shukriya!img_2637

Pistachio gelato in TO…


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Another new Italian café has opened in TO and it’s called Sud Forno Queen, on Queen Street W. It is part of the Terroni restaurants. Very nice staff but very confusing service. I had to try their pistachio gelato and I am sorry to say it was no match to THE best pistachio gelato I had in Corniglia, Italy. Sigh, on to the next gelato place… 🙂