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To make up for the cold, and some would say long winter, the Spring and Summer months in Canada are a riot of colour!! There is colour in the winter months as well, but nowthing like this. Starting with tiny Scylla flowers and Crocuses that are a sure sign Spring is here, to “Easter Lilies’ (we seem to get them all year round), to the famous Japanese Cherry Blossoms, Hibiscus flowers, Marigolds (who knew!), Jasmines to Lotus flowers!! We get bombarded with colour and beauty, like Nature wants to make sure we appreciate every minute while it lasts.. I do tend to go trigger happy with my camera trying to capture all this beauty. Can’t say I blame myself. I will be updating the missing names of the flowers shortly, after checking with my friend who waited patiently during our walks while I took some of these shots. Here is a look……