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I was on a mission post work today to buy furniture grippers from Lee Valley. I know, not the most exciting of goals, but one that would keep my living room couches from “wandering”. It was a rainy, drippy, and normally what I would call a miserable sort of evening. Not today. I should have known. My wandering feet had taken over my spirit. I walked in what is called around here “spitting” (eww) rain with a silly smile on my face, enjoying the misty rain. Occasionally looking up to feel the rain drops on my face. The walk must have taken about 20 minutes on the outside. First I found a Parisian style boulangerie/ patisserie Petite Thuet at the southwest corner of King and Yonge street just as you step out of the subway. Not my usual stomping grounds, so I had never tried this place. A bit dark inside – could be the lack of sunlight outside and not enough lighting inside – with small selection of pastries and croissants. They were out of my favourite Almond croissants but had a Chocolate and Almond one! Bonus! So I got one –

Almond and chocolate croissant..

Almond and chocolate croissant..

Turns out the croissant has a creamy filling too! Double bonus! Take a peek –

My two cents here, croissants should be crisp and crumbly. Which are hard to come by in this city. So, this one makes the cut for me. 🙂 Takes a little looking to find the chocolate, but delicious nonetheless. I also got a Blackberry and Pistachio tart…


The berries were bitter as always – I’d like to find sweet black berries once in this life time. Yes, the rest of the tart was yummy! Not too sweet either. The feet wandered to get what I had to get and then I found Zoë’S Café which is very close to Lee Valley. Rather convenient for the feet! From the store front window I noticed they serve Illy coffe – for me of Rome fame. Of course the feet had to have un espresso! I had the place to myself, which was perfect. The espresso was perfect too, given that a good espresso is also not so easy to come by in this town. What is, you ask? We’ll ponder that in another post. The espresso cup was sitting on this which was laid on the saucer –


Pefetto! Artisti del Gusto – Artists of taste. A designation for Baristas ! Who knew. Here is hoping my wandering feet will lead me to more espressos and cappuccinos as well. And then, heading towards the street car stop what do the feet do? Wander into this gorgeous place, straight after my heart! Brioche Dorée Very reminiscent of Rome! I haven’t been to Paris, so maybe more Paris than Rome. Whatever. And I got this –

Caramelized onion and cheese tart...

Caramelized onion and cheese tart…

Also, yum!!

Maybe there is a reason my feet don’t wander as much… I end up finding and eating delicious (and sometimes not so delicious) food! Wander a lot or a little, I accepted today that is who I am. The mother always tells me “You must have wheels in your feet”. Not literal wheels, but apparently if you have circular patterns in your toe prints you wander/ travel a lot. Also, you are one who cannot stay still or be in one place for long. That was me all along. Wandering is what gives me pure joy! My feet and I plan to wander more, eat more and take tons of pictures along the way. The heart is currently working overtime to keep the rest in good shape, so the least the feet and I can do is feed it some good soul food. So, andiamo – as in let’s go. Ciao!