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I took a photography workshop this past weekend – a bootcamp they called it – and it was. The first order of business – turn off the Auto Focus feature of the digital camera. So much for that! Getting “manual” is the real deal. A very humbling experience! Lots of totally black  images interspersed with some really good ones. Just as well I was not using film. Phew! No wonder photography was not for everyone till digital came along! You have to really, and I not kidding, really slow down, take your time and look at the subject….. You almost go into a different space. It’s hard to describe.

We got to “freeze” water!! Who knew. In one technique the water looks blurred and  the other you see the water drops frozen in air. Needless to say it will take a lot more practice to get the water drops to show up perfectly….

Here is a sample of the pictures I took….