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The tdot a.k.a Toronto, has been practically roasting hot this week. Temperatures stuck at 33 degrees celsius plus with the humidex values reading close to 43! Not my kind of weather at all! It’s hard to breath or as the locals will say “it’s soupy out there”, “wall of hot air”, “sticky”, “muggy”, you get the drift. Growing up in India doe not help! Your body gets used to the cold real quick, so this summer time bake fest is a rude shock. Today a big storm rolled over us – not as much rain as the one a week ago which reminded me of Bombay in the monsoons. But this one cooled the air within a couple of hours to really nice and cool. Ah! I can continue to live to see the weekend. I had just stepped out of the subway, when the dark horizon said hello and the wind picked up like crazy. Then it came down! Here is what the storm looked like… There was gorgeous lightening for a long time after on the horizon, but unfortunately I could not capture it. Someday… Didn’t think I’d live to say lightening was gorgeous, but it was. No thunder, just streaks of light! WOW!


The clouds roll in from over head..


Then the rain..



Then a spectacular rainbow!


Then it was just a cloud fest!!!

IMG_7958It’s still rumbling thunder out there. Must have been one heck of a storm system to keep going for almost 5 hours. Heck, they were calling for a potential tornado for this neck of the woods! We got really lucky.