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Fall is here with gorgeous sunny days with blue skies, some cool, some cold and some hot times in the day. My two friends and I decided to take advantage of the lovely weather this weekend and take a trip to the Islands. Not to the Caribbean, but across the lake from TO. A short ferry ride and voila!


Right next to the ferry dock..


Pebble Mosaic at Willow Square on the Island.


Someone had built a few sand castles..

IMG_8420 IMG_8422IMG_8424

Water’s edge.. lake Ontario!! 🙂 These waters are known to be REALLY cold even in the summer months, but my intrepid partner in crime and I wanted to dip our toes in the water and maybe even walk in the shallow water for a bit.. The sky and the water were so blue, we felt we were in the Mediterranean.. Ha!

Smart gal, checking the temperature. But nothing prepares you for the shock of warm feet touching the cold water!! Brr…IMG_8425

IMG_8428After a few squeals and giggles, we were glad we took the chance! The water was glorious!!! We spent a lovely afternoon at the beach, the sun having picked up enough strength to give us a sunburn by the end of the afternoon. While we sat on the beach, we had a couple of visitors who are totally adapted to swim in the freezing waters… The mother thinks we were sitting at their favourite spot and so they were checking us out!! Nice of them to share….

IMG_8431 IMG_8432 IMG_8434 IMG_8435IMG_8441

 IMG_8466aA mother was making bubbles for her child!!!






Yup, that is a lake..




IMG_8554A glorious sunset topped off a lovely day! Back on the main land, en route to the subway we got to see this… One our favourite buildings lit from within, if you will..


My friend said this building looked like a cathedral!! BCE place – a cathedral to commerce..