I just finished reading a novel that ma petite sœur told me about – The Art of Arranging Flowers by Lynn Branard. The cover is beautiful and so is the story that unfolds – from start to finish.

The story is about florist Ruby Jewell who owns and runs the Flower Shoppe in the town of Creekside. She seems to know exactly which flowers to arrange to help every person who comes to her shop, but is unable to see a way to heal and help herself. The author has created a lovely cast to fill Ruby’s life, starting with a faithful dog companion – Clementine, a man who’s flown to the moon, a little boy and a charming veterinarian. I have to say, the first chapter had me wondering where the story was going to lead to. But then slowly I was moving through the story feeling every character’s emotions unable to put the book down. The characters and their lives are woven together and flow from one to the other really well. There is beauty, sorrow, loss, hope and love.

During a beautiful moment in the story two of the characters quote these words from a poem by Sir Walter Raleigh….

“When at heart you should be sad..

Pondering the joys we had, listen and keep very still. If the lowing from the hill or the tolling of a bell do not serve to break the spell, listen: you may be allowed to hear my laughter from a cloud.

I am not much of a poetry buff, but those words got me!! This book is a keeper for sure.