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While searching for books on Italy early last year, I came upon “Summers in Supino” by Maria Coletta Mclean with it’s vibrant red cover and lovely image. Got it from the library and could not put it down once I started reading it. I have read the book a couple of times since and have even bought a copy. 🙂 I know, what can I say, it’s so beautifully written I feel like I am visiting Supino and experiencing the entire story with the author each time I read it.

The book starts off with the most beautifully written first pages I have read in a book, with the author describing how the news of her father’s passing away reaches his village of Supino. Brought a lump in my throat but at the same time the words were healing and beautiful.

The author and her husband buy “a house unseen”, as she describes it, to bring her father from his home in Ontario, Canada back one more time to his beloved village of Supino. The story actually starts with “My Father Came From Italy” and then continues in “Summers in Supino”. I just happened find the second book first, but the story fits perfectly even then. No Italian villa or gorgeous market scenes here but plenty of interesting neighbours who embrace the author (and her husband and daughter) into their lives, local festas, frustrations caused while dealing with the local bureaucracy, differences in cultures – Canadian and Italian, lots of delicious food eaten and the everyday comings and goings in the village.

“My Father Came From Italy” is also beautifully written and had me wanting to check the end of the book to make sure the author was be able to bring her father back for one last visit to his beloved home town, Supino. I found myself cheering for the author and her dad every step of the way, wanting their story to end well. I would buy this book as well but unfortunately it is not print.