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The title of the post says onions in, what we now know, is the language of the Universe (English, in case you were wondering), in Italian (the most delicious sounding language, according to me), in Hindi (national language of India, some think. see note about English) and the last but not least in Konkani (my mother tongue). Explaining that would be another post!

Every now and then, la petite sœur and yours truly are reminded of “India Times”. 🙂 No, not a newspaper, but how things used to be back when. One of the things  we realized was the size of the vegetables we used to get. In particular, the size of the red onion – I don’t recall if we got white or yellow onions in India. The mists of time are now impeding detailed recall. Be that as it maybe… red onions I remember. You could hold at least 4 of them in the palm of your hand. The onions we get here, just one fits in one hand. Cooking a meal with wee little onions was the norm there, but here I will probably freak out wondering how many I should chop to make a simple curry!! The mother has brought a bag of the Indian onions from the local Indian grocery store, so that should be interesting! 🙂

The big red onion shown here is still fairly small compared to some we have seen, bought and consumed. I LOVE onions, especially the red kind. I brought back a big bundle of fresh Spanish onions from Montreal once.. I know, what can I say. The bundle was big, because the onions and their tall green stalks were big…

I recall when the petite sœur had first moved to the True North Cold and Free (that name will change shortly once the weather finally warms up!), she had sent a letter back that said the onions she got here were the size of the coconuts we used to get in India. Needless to say we had trouble believing her. Little did we know….


L to R – Onion from India, the local red, white and yellow onions. The shadows help too!


Just to get a sense of perspective!