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Two magical must see movies see if you like animation and simple beautiful movies. Very different kind of animation in both movies, the kind that tells a story slowly and lovingly. Flat and yet complete worlds come alive in them.

I am beginning to realize that I have allowed myself to be influenced by the fast paced, often loud animation Disney movies. No disrespect to Disney, given that my very early exposure to animation was thanks to Disney. I think I still have sketches from an article on Disney cartoons from a long time ago showing various expressions on a cartoon dog. I remember sketching each of them very patiently and feeling thrilled that I could sketch a “cartoon”! The article talked about how many sketches had to be made in order to make a cartoon “move”. The amount of time and effort that went in (and from all accounts still does) creating these amazing imaginary worlds!

Even though they are beautiful to watch, movies like Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells appear almost slow in comparison. Actually they are not. They are just very different in their story telling and worth every minute. La petite sœur told me about Song of the Sea. I have realized over the years to pay attention to her suggestions. Most often than not, I end up loving the recommended movies (and books)! The Secret of Kells I found in a completely unexpected way. While telling my colleague at work about the Song of the Sea movie, we got talking about Irish legends and she started describing the Book of the Kells. Like with everything these days, a Google search ensued and there was the image of the movie. Luckily we have a fantastic library system that carries most movies, so the movie got put on hold and within a couple of days.. taadaa.

A theme running through these two movies and the others I have watched recently is magic and the connection of every living thing. Perfect. There is beautiful imagery, haunting music and the usual suspects of the human experience!