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Some food samples – visual ones. For the actual taste you will have to take a trip to Italy!

IMG_1651In Mercato Centrale in “downtown” as in the historic heart of Florence. Eat your heart out St. Lawrence!

IMG_1578Also in the same market, wood fire pizza made while you wait. A couple of minutes only!

After walking for a couple of hours from San Gimignano and helping ourselves to some delicious grapes growing along the way…

IMG_2393We reach this setting…IMG_2453

And eat this food!

IMG_2455Β  To end that delicious meal –

IMG_2466Another day, another hike and another fruit!!
IMG_2079The BEST fig ever. I don’t believe I even washed it. Never crossed my mind. Sun warmed and delicious.

IMG_1915Pappardelle with cinghiale (wild boar) ragu. It was delicious!

IMG_3122I had been dreaming of eating this dish! Linguine alle vongole! Yummy!

IMG_3692Pecorino cheese – made with sheep’s milk. I think this is my new favourite.

IMG_3696Yup, onion pizza!! Made with these onions.


IMG_2832Italians love to do this – a salad that reflects the colours of their flag!

IMG_2902Aperol spritz! Oh my! My friend and hiking buddy had one of these, and of course seeing the brilliant colour, I had to try one. Just as delicious as it looks pretty!

Same story as before.. another day, another long hike….

IMG_3391Food at Agririfugio Molini, a hard to reach tiny place in San Fruttuoso, Parco di Portofino. Bed & Breakfast/Hostel/Restaurant using their own home grown produce!!

IMG_3133THE BEST PISTACHIO GELATO EVER! No contest! In Corniglia, Cinque Terre.

And then there was this!!! In a nice, fancy but family run restaurant uphill from the town of Moneglia. Every table got one or two of these. The giant shrimp were delicious, once you got past their beady eyes.